Phenomenal Angels of the Community

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Phenomenal Angels of the Community (PAC) a program under the non-profit organization Detours Mentoring Group Inc.  Phenomenal Angels of the Community (PAC) provides young ladies a cultural, informational and educational path to individual greatness.™

Core Values

Our core values are Respect, Loyalty, Friendship, Honor and Integrity.  We embody our values and the Pillars of Character in all our relationships and decisions.

What We Do

We offer support services and programs to at/proven risk middle and high school age young ladies.  Our age range is 10-18 years old.  No worries though, we do have events that cater to the entire family and we have added a special program for our Baby Angels ages 7-9.

PAC is dedicated to empowering young women to help themselves by providing services that will uplift their mind, body and spirit.